Podcast | The Content Planning Wizard | Interview with Amy Downes

Amy was an absolute dream to have on the show this week, her passion for what she does and the people that she works with really shone through and became infectious. The conversation flowed and we soon racked up over an hour’s worth of air time. The problem was that when it came time to edit I really struggled with removing anything, it was all such good content.

Let down by my audio equipment and children who decided it would be a great time to drag each other round the garden on a sledge would have seen me abandoning the interview once upon a time but I really feel that this is who I am and that my audience appreciate that about me, I’ll never be a perfect presenter and I’m kinda okay with that!

We started the interview with Amy telling us all about how she came to be in the business she is in, what exactly a content planning wizard is and what she can do to help small businesses, her “power hours” sound amazing and are bookable through her social media channels and a quick glance around her Facebook will give you a taste of just how incredibly talented this lady is at her job.

Want to know how to plan your content for the whole of 2021?
It’s not as scary as it sounds!
With the start of the year all sorted, things are starting to settle down and hopefully you’ll be finding a routine.
It’s a great time to take a look at your social media and plan what you want to post in the coming weeks and months, once that’s all figured it’s one less thing on your very busy to-do list!
I’m proud to have been invited to speak on lots of networking sessions where I’ll be helping fellow mums in business get their content calendar for the year sorted.
I’d love for you to join me at one of the following sessions on Facebook (I’ll share the links to each event in the comments):
– Wednesday 13th January, 7 pm, Mums in Business Int. Networking Hinckley
– Thursday 28th January, 8pm, Mums in Business Int. Networking Leeds and Wakefield
-Monday 1st February, 7:30 pm, Mums in Business Int. Networking Preston and Blackpool
– Tuesday 9th February, 1pm, The Entrepreneurs Growth Group.
I’m also appearing on the She Makes Biz Talk podcast which is out tomorrow!

The above was one of Amy’s posts from today and gives you a taste of the type of content you can expect from her and what her brand is all about.

You can find Amy on her social media channels; Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Take care, stay safe.

Michelle xx


Podcast | PR and Marketing | Interview with Louise Burke – ZAPP Communications

It was such a pleasure interviewing Louise for this weeks podcast episode. We learn all about the PR/Marketing industry 25 years ago when Louise entered it and how it has changed in recent years.

The conversation flowed so well and we both seem to have a common interest of helping other small businesses to grow and succeed.

As well as learning how Louise “stumbled” into the glamorous world of PR she shares her knowledge and expertise of how a business can identify and reach their target market and why this is so important to help you grow.

Not only have I enjoyed connecting with Louise to interview for the podcast I was so impressed by her attitude and energy that I have decided to have her work on my PR and Marketing in 2021 when I have a few big things planned which will all be revealed to you soon!

We really hope that you enjoy this weeks episode and that you will subscribe and give me a 5* rating. If you do decide to check by Louise’s social media don’t forget to tell her that I sent you and say hi, I will add her links below for you.

Zapp Communications – Website

Facebook Page

Facebook Group


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I’ve taken a few days away from social media (it’s been a struggle believe me) but I’ll be hitting the ground running in 2021 and have plans to take you all with me so buckle up and get ready for a hell of a ride.

Have a very happy new year, I look forward to connecting with you in 2021!

Michelle xx

UK Etsy Shop Critique | Episode One

You may be aware that I recently decided to close the door of my press on nail shop for good. With the current lockdown, a husband who works away a week at a time and homeschooling 3 children I knew that something had to give and the time spent physically making the nails was just too much to balance in.

It was a tough choice and I already miss it but it is 100% the right decision for me and my family.

But, it’s heartbreaking to see all the work I put into growing my shop go to waste, I spent years researching Etsy and how to grow a profitable business and put all of that into practice with my shop last year.

So in the spirit of helping other handmade businesses I have put together a new YouTube series where I will be critiquing their shops and giving them pointers on how to improve their SEO and how to convert views to purchases.

Above are my Etsy stats from April-December 2020, I managed to reach nearly 100K people in 9 months with 90% of those people coming from Etsy SEO. I’m going to tell you now, it wasn’t an easy fix, I had to work on my listings daily and learn how to moniter stats etc.

These shop audits that i’m doing for YouTube are the basics they need to do to improve their listings, I offer a full audit on etsy where I look at your stats, keywords, analise your competition and your pricing and give you an action plan on steps you need to take to improve your ranking.

For Febuary ONLY you can get access to my Etsy masterclass which will be run via a Facebook group with live videos each day, this is just £29 after febuary this will be £199 so it really is a bargain that you need to invest in! You can book HERE!

So onto todays video. Everyone can get value from these videos, go through you shop as I am going through the critique and look to see if you are doing the things that I am advising.

I’m always happy to answer questions over in my facebook group She Makes Biztalk

YouTube | Using Trello as a Life Planner

For those of you who have followed me for a while or who know me personally you will know that I am obsessed with organisation and planning. I used to be a big part of the planning community in the UK and have a whole businesses making leather bound notebooks.

I came away from that community a few years back and have been doing my own thing since then. I haven’t really been crafting so my YouTube channel was kind of left to dwindle away… sad, sad days!

This week I decided to revamp my channel and give it a bit of a make over.. I’m currently taking out some of the videos and working on creating more content. I wanted to keep this channel as I had such a lovely community over there and would love to be part of that again. My subscribers are mainly crafters so they are my perfect audience for the content that I plan on creating from here on in!

If you don’t already use Trello then you should be, its a fantastic piece of software that I use to manage everything from my direct sales clients to my courses and 1:1 clients. This video takes you through everything you need to know about getting started!

As always I hope that you enjoy and feel inclined to leave me a happy comment and a thumbs up and also to subscribe. It is always much appreciated!

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If you have an Etsy store and you would like to be featured on my YouTube channel for a FREE Etsy audit then please do drop me a message via the contact form and I will aim to get you booked in.

Podcast | Financial Adviser | Interview with Nicola Tempest Hall

I had the absolute please in interviewing Nic for this weeks podcast episode, Nic is a wealth of information on all things financial and I took away so much value from our chat.

This pandemic has opened my eyes of how fragile life is and how we get comfortable in our lives but when something happens that takes our ability to earn away we all need a back up plan. Nic tells us what the back up plan could look like and how we’d go ahead and get that in place for our future selves.

If you haven’t hear I have just relaunched my Etsy Masterclass, this time it will be run via a private Facebook group where I will do daily live videos for 5 days, these videos will cover everything from choosing your name and the steps to open your shop right through to marketing, titles, tags and descriptions finishing with a launch strategy! You will also receive a FREE etsy shop audit from me which is worth £75!

The course starts on the 8th Feb and is just £29.. it will not be available at this price again so if you are looking to launch, relaunch and grow your handmade business you need to book now via this link.

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Podcast | The Epsom Bakehouse | Interview with Rhiannon Abbot

Does anyone else feel like time just mushes together at Christmas? I swear I went to bed yesterday and it was Friday and I’ve woken up on Wednesday! Which is why this blog post is. day lat in reaching you… opps!!

So this week’s podcast I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Rhiannon from The Epsom Bakehouse. I was so excited to get Rhiannon on as I’d never come across a business quite like hers!

Rhiannon started her business making and selling the most amazing looking bread which then developed into her training and teaching others to do the same, when covid hit she, like many others, had to pivot her business massively to allow it to continue running.

Thankfully Rhiannon already had a bit of a social media presence which allowed her to reach out to her followers and create online courses, group bake alongs and other amazingly doughy ideas. You can find out more about Rhiannon and The Epsom Bakehouse on the latest episode of the podcast by searching “She Makes Biz Talk” where ever you normally tune in to listen.

Now for the part where you help ME!! My mission for my podcast is to help and inspire others to get started or grow heir business, I plan on doing this by having other business owners tell their stories and give their business tips. As you know podcasting does not pay (well not until you are big time anyway) so I am doing this purely for you. If you have listened to my podcast I would love for you to leave me a 5* review and for you to share your favourite episode on social media using #shemakesbiztalk and tagging @itsmichellemills this helps me to be seen and motivates me to continue creating content for you 🙂

You can find Rhiannon on her website The Epsom Bakehouse or on her social media Facebook and Instagram.

We will see you with the last episode of 2020 next Tuesday.

Michelle xx

Podcast | The Parenting Copywriter | Interview with Sarah Davis

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Sarah Davis a few weeks back. Sarah is a published author and spoke about how the inspiration for the poems in her book came to her during the many night feeds with her, then, small baby.

Sarah’s love of writing led her to take a copywriting course and to launch her own business creating content for parenting blogs, books and businesses.

It was so lovely listening to a couple of Sarah’s poems and you can check out her book HERE.

Honestly I had never thought how a copywriter could help my business, to me they were something that the big magazines and blogs had need for, not little old me with my blog and podcast. But Sarah explained how she has been helping parenting blogs/websites with creating content and now it seems like a no brainer.

I want you guys to use the comments to tell me if a copy writer is something you’d have considered before this interview and if it is something that you would now consider using.

I love that I am discovering so many new things via this podcast. If you’ve found it helpful, inspirational or just worth a listen please do go ahead and drop me a 5* rating, I’ll love you long time.

Podcast | Interview with Rachael Beattie | Mind and Body Coach

In this weeks episode Rachael and I talk about shifting mindset in both your business and your personal life. Rachael is an amazingly energetic and positive person and a real breath of fresh air to talk to.

You’ll find us talking about our struggles with mental health and how she has gone from self conscious to body confident and how she now teaches others to do the same.

Find out how she motivates herself to get her business done and what drives her forward as well as her top tips for getting ahead in business. As well as learning what it is exactly that a Mind and Body Coach does, how she supports and motivates the people she works with and how she holds people accountable.

If you’d like to know more about Rachael and maybe connect and work with her on her 12 month or monthly program please do get in touch by joining her group HERE. I promise you won’t regret it, her energy is infectious.

I’m always looking out for different business owners to interview for the podcast so please do reach out and contact me if you would like to be featured, you can find the form over on my links page titled “Be on my podcast”.

The TRUTH about Network Marketing/MLM’s

It’s a pyramid scheme!

If you came here to hear me say that then I’m afraid you are very much mistaken, as are the people that feel the need to hit my inbox saying the same and even my own parents when I first started! It’s a good job that I have broad shoulders.

Yes there are shady arse companies out there who encourage their “reps” to friend request every man and his dog on Facebook and then hit them up with the same “Hi Hun” copy and paste message to try to recruit them as a custom or a team member but not every company or consultant works like that!

My MLM journey

My first MLM, before MLM’s were really a thing, was Avon back in the early 00’s. Back then it was traipsing the streets handing out and catalogues door to door and hoping that the books you picked up had orders in them.

I then went on to Stamping’ Up! Which I actually done really well in and had my own team, unfortunately as the children demanded more of my time I found I had less time to craft and come up with projects to share and actually hit my lowest point with my mental health so I decided to have a total social media break (you can check out some of my old videos HERE).

You may well know that I am now with Temple Spa and actually I had no intentions of starting a business up with them. At the beginning of 2020 I was expanding my business as a nail technician to include beauty treatments, including facials and massages. The SPA local to me have always used Temple Spa so to me the products just screamed luxury and pamper treatments. Knowing that my clients would love them I looked into investing in the full product range.

You may well know that I am now with Temple Spa and actually I had no intentions of starting a business up with them. At the beginning of 2020 I was expanding my business as a nail technician to include beauty treatments, including facials and massages. The SPA local to me have always used Temple Spa so to me the products just screamed luxury and pamper treatments. Knowing that my clients would love them I looked into investing in the full product range.

Well, in a nutshell the cheapest way to stock my shelves with the full range was to sign up as a consultant. This also gave me the option of earning commission on any products that I sold to my clients who’d had a treatment with me and decided they wanted the product too.

2020 had other plans and shortly after I’d moved in to my new home and kitted out my treatment room Covid hit and I could no longer see in person clients, this sucked! But I pivoted all my nail clients into press on nail clients and began to offer skincare classes via Zoom.

Press on nails went mental, I had orders coming out of my ears and decided to step down from Temple Spa in August 2020 to focus on them. But I missed the community side of being part of a network marketing organisation and actually dealing with clients “face to face” rather than just an Etsy transaction.

I rejoined Temple Spa at the beginning of November and am loving it, my manager is amazing and supportive and the rest of the team are great. There is no hard sell with Temple Spa, we earn commission on every product we sell so there is no pushy target to hit before we receive commission. The owners pride themselves on a brand that is not pushy and actually don’t class the business as an MLM we are a “Social Selling” business.

Business is hard work!

I am going to be totally honest with you now, as you know I always will be, business is hard work! Working for yourself is tough going and often you seem to put in much more effort than if you just had to turn up at a 9-5. As a self employed nail technician I only have my word to go on that I am good at what I do. I have to be the person getting word out about my products and services. I have to be the one thinking about branding, designing packaging, marketing, making and shipping the products etc etc.

Being part of a company like Temple Spa all of that is done for you, yes you have to put the work in to get your name out there and earn the trust of potential clients that you are good at what you do, but with a brand behind you it makes everything so much easier. It also helps when you have a product that you really, really love.

How I can help YOU!

Well hello you lovely lot, today’s post is all about how I can help you and your business and also to give a bit of background information about myself.

Although this all appears to be very new to me I actually have around 15 years of bookkeeping experience. In 2018 I decided that I loved bookkeeping and accounts so much that I perused a formal qualification with AAT, a journey I am still on and hope to complete early 2021.

Over the past 15 years my main career has been as a nail technician, another passion of mine and one that I had never intended on changing. Unfortunately Covid-19 had other plans, not that the actual virus stopped me, I used my lock down time to develop my own range of press on nails which have been a huge success. Unfortunately the break I had from using the chemicals has lead to me having allergic reactions whenever I am near them now.

So, what does this mean for you? In a nutshell it means my freelance bookkeeping and business support services are available to hire. You get yourself a highly motivated and knowledgable resource to assist you and I get paid for a job that I love to do.

Self Employed?

Need help setting up as self employed with HMRC or need advice on how and when you need to do it? Maybe you have been self employed for a while but need someone to keep your books and file your tax returns? Or maybe you are finding yourself a bit overrun with sending out your invoices and chasing payments?

I can take all that stress and worry from you and leave you with more time on your hands.

Business Owner? Start Up? Entrepreneur?

As well as the above bookkeeping/accounts services I also offer business support. From typing up notes and taking minutes to carrying out risk assessments and creating SOPs and I can even help with all your recruiting needs.

I can work remotely or come to you, quotes can be provided on a per task basis or on a weekly/monthly retainer. Prices start at just 14 per hour.

For a quote or to hire me simply fill out THIS contact form and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Now, don’t forget to wear your mask and have a great day!