Podcast | The Content Planning Wizard | Interview with Amy Downes

A podcast interview with Amy Downes of Te Content Planning Wizard. We spoke about creating content for your business with Amy giving lots of great tips to help you get seen

Podcast | PR and Marketing | Interview with Louise Burke – ZAPP Communications

podcast episode featuring Louise Burke who is a pr and marketing expert for small businesses

Podcast | The Epsom Bakehouse | Interview with Rhiannon Abbot

Does anyone else feel like time just mushes together at Christmas? I swear I went to bed yesterday and it was Friday and I’ve woken up on Wednesday! Which is why this blog post is. day lat in reaching you… opps!! So this week’s podcast I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Rhiannon from TheContinue reading “Podcast | The Epsom Bakehouse | Interview with Rhiannon Abbot”

Podcast | The Parenting Copywriter | Interview with Sarah Davis

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Sarah Davis a few weeks back. Sarah is a published author and spoke about how the inspiration for the poems in her book came to her during the many night feeds with her, then, small baby. Sarah’s love of writing led her to take a copywriting course andContinue reading “Podcast | The Parenting Copywriter | Interview with Sarah Davis”

The TRUTH about Network Marketing/MLM’s

It’s a pyramid scheme! If you came here to hear me say that then I’m afraid you are very much mistaken, as are the people that feel the need to hit my inbox saying the same and even my own parents when I first started! It’s a good job that I have broad shoulders. YesContinue reading “The TRUTH about Network Marketing/MLM’s”

How I can help YOU!

Well hello you lovely lot, today‚Äôs post is all about how I can help you and your business and also to give a bit of background information about myself. Although this all appears to be very new to me I actually have around 15 years of bookkeeping experience. In 2018 I decided that I lovedContinue reading “How I can help YOU!”